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The IMPACT Audit

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Date: 29/2/2012

In the Pharmaceutical Journal Vol 288/7689, 21st January 2012, Josie Solomon and Tim Harrison, School of Pharmacy at De Montfort University, Leicester illustrate a new model of audit methodology, the IMPACT audit.

Audit is an ideal real world tool to demonstrate the value of service, look at ways to make improvements and make evidence based arguments for the commissioning of new services and the continuation of existing ones and resonates with the QIPP (quality, innovation, productivity and prevention) programme.

The IMPACT audit has two components: a traditional audit which uses standards against which performance can be measured and subsequently implements changes as a result; and the IMPACT section which identifies the perspectives of stakeholders before continuing with the traditional audit cycle.  Individual interviews are conducted with the required stakeholders (e.g. HCPs, commissioners, patients) about their perspective of the subject being audited prior to the traditional audit being performed. Themes are identified and analysed using qualitative data analysis techniques. 

This extra step of understanding stakeholder views enables to further understand the reasoning and circumstances behind the audit findings and with it a greater perspective as to the nature of any service improvements needed. If you would like to learn more about this methodology, or think this type of audit may be of interest to you, please call or email Sam on +44 7912 993968 or for more information.

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