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ISPOR Good Research Practices Task Force reports now available

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Date: 22/2/2017

ISPOR Good Research Practices Task Force reports now available


The January 2017 issue of Value in Health contains two reports from ISPOR’s Good Research Practices Task Forces; informative reads for anyone working in the field of Patient Centred Outcomes.


The first, a report on clinician-reported outcome (ClinRO) assessments1 is the follow up paper to another published in the July/August issue of Value in Health which provided an overview of ClinROs and related definitions. This follow up paper focuses purely on issues important to ClinRO assessments. The authors describe the good measurement practices associated with three key types of ClinROs; readings, ratings and clinician global assessments. The importance of implementing good measurement practice is also discussed in relation to regulatory approval, clinical practice and payers.


The second report provides recommendations for the methodologies used in ‘mapping’ studies which explore the relationship between clinical outcome measures and health utility2. Recommendations are provided for topics such as model selection and reporting standards. The authors explain what makes this report unique; its’ international perspective, comprehensive coverage and up to date knowledge.



1.      Clinician-Reported Outcome Assessments of Treatment Benefit: Report of the ISPOR Clinical Outcome Assessment Emerging Good Practices Task Force
John H. Powers, Donald L. Patrick, Marc K. Walton, Patrick Marquis, Stefan Cano, Jeremy Hobart, Maria Isaac, Spiros Vamvakas, Ashley Slagle, Elizabeth Molsen, Laurie B. Burke

2.      Mapping to Estimate Health-State Utility from Non-Preference-Based Outcome Measures: An ISPOR Good Practices for Outcomes Research Task Force Report
Allan J. Wailoo, Monica Hernandez-Alava, Andrea Manca, Aurelio Mejia, Joshua Ray, Bruce Crawford, Marc Botteman, Jan Busschbach


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