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Atlas of Variation publish themed atlases for Kidney Care and Diabetes.

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Date: 25/6/2012

Following the success of the publication of the first two NHS Atlases of Variation, NHS Right Care Programme have developed a series of themed atlases focusing on specific conditions or populations in more depth.
In addition to the previously published atlas of variation for Children and Young People, themed atlases for Kidney Care and Diabetes were published on 14th June. Please click on the link for more information:

Introducing the Atlas of Variation in Healthcare for People with Diabetes,

There are thought to be more than 3 million people with diabetes in England. Only 2.3 million of these have been diagnosed. By 2020, 3.8 million are expected to have diabetes – more than 1 in 12 of the total population. The risk of diabetic complications can be reduced through good glycaemic control, reducing hypertension, reducing cholesterol and appropriate screening and preventative care, but there are major variations in the delivery of diabetic care across England.
“.. the indicators in this Diabetes Atlas clearly demonstrate there is considerable variation in both the processes and outcomes of care. Although it is acknowledged that some areas are providing very good care for people with diabetes, sadly, there are a substantial number of patients who are not receiving all of the nine basic care processes designed to identify treatable risks and early complications of diabetes. In the absence of these care processes, patients do not know if their level of health matches the recommended outcomes or if further care is needed, and neither do the healthcare professionals”.
Dr Rowan Hillson MBE
National Clinical Director for Diabetes

Kidney Care,
The indicators in the Kidney Care Atlas have been chosen by the expert team assembled by NHS Kidney Care and Right Care because they are important reflections of the quality and value of care. Although we cannot provide the “right” answers – there is no magic percentage – this Atlas does pose the right questions for local networks in partnership with patients.
Exploring the questions the Kidney Care Atlas raises should prompt improvements in the local organisation of care delivery,  building on the best examples that currently exist, promote a shift to establishing shared decision-making systems between patients and healthcare professionals as the norm for preference-sensitive care, such as choice of modality of renal replacement therapy or whether to opt for conservative care, and strengthen the science of healthcare delivery to foster innovation and put effective care delivery on a solid scientific foundation.
Dr Donal O’Donoghue FRCP
National Clinical Director for Kidney Care
May 2012

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