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Atlas of Variation opportunities for audit and improving outcomes....?

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Date: 29/2/2012

The New Atlas of Variation in healthcare published alonside the NHS Outcomes framework to act as a catalyst for driving improvements in quality, outcome, and value measurement- change in culture and behaviour- including renewed focus on tackling inequalities in outcomes.

The Department of Health has published the 2011 Atlas of Variation, a tool to help the NHS identify unwarranted variation in healthcare services across England.  The Atlas highlights the amount that each PCT spends on clinical services and links this with the health outcomes of their patients.  The aim of the Atlas is to enable clinicians, managers, commissioners and providers to focus on the questions that need to be addressed. 

The 2011 edition of the Atlas consists of 71 maps, 6 of which relate directly to medicine use (drugs for diabetes, dementia, parkinson’s disease, oxygen and hypnotics).

The Atlas of Variation could form a fascinating basis for audit and improving outcomes. We at pH Associates know the value of Real World data to drive a change in practice and we look forward to using the Atlas as a tool when working with our NHS and industry partners.

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